Slide Show - Custom Show List Editor

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  • Load Custom Show - Loads a new Custom Show list from a VFL file
  • Save Custom Show - Saves the displayed Custom show list to a VFL file
  • Up / Down – Moves the selected image(s) up or down the list
  • Add to List - Opens a selection box to add files to the bottom of the list. Files may also be added by dragging from Windows Explorer or other drag/drop enabled window
  • Change (visible when a single entry is selected) – Appends image setting options to the entry. These settings will replace the current settings during a custom show:
  • Style – Selects an image transition effect (0 = no effect)
  • Step – Sets size of steps during a transition (as % of whole change)
  • Delay – Sets delay between each step (in milliseconds)
  • Show the next image after – Sets time between image changes (Auto Change Image must be enabled)
  • Seconds – Click down arrow to change units to Minutes or Hours
  • Background Color – Sets Image layout background color (Note! Use Background As..overrides this setting)
  • Frame Width – Sets the width of the image border (0 = no border)
  • Frame Color – Sets the color of the image border
  • Undo (visible when an entry with appended options is selected) – removes the options
  • Clear All - Clears all entries from the list
  • Clear Selection - Clears the selected items from the list
  • Apply – Moves the edited list back to the Custom Show and closes the window


  • Right click in list brings pop-up window:

- Remove Duplicates and Sort - Removes duplicate items and sorts the list

- Remove NonExistent Images - Highlights entries that could not be found and requests confirmation to delete

- Load Custom Show -  Loads VFL-file (Viewer Favorites List -file)

- Save Custom Show - Saves VFL-file

- Close - Closes the window without applying the edited list