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Note: Enter key opens the latest selected image in full screen view. Enter or Esc closes full screen view. The initial image from a selection is displayed in the Viewer Preview window. F12 switches between Viewer Preview and Thumbview windows. Thumbview displays thumbnail images from the folder last selected in Viewer. Ctrl+G changes this to the folder of the latest selected favorite



- Go to Image Folder - Goes to folder of a selected favorite

- Browse All - Shows/Hides custom thumbnail display

- Reload - Reloads custom thumbnail display

- Set Image Info - EXIF and IPTC info can be set to multiple images based on certain rules

- Generate Image Info to CSV - Generates table of EXIF data from selected images as a Tab separated file

- Remove Duplicates and Sort - Removes duplicates from the list and sorts the list

- Remove NonExistent Images - Removes nonexistent favorites from the list

- Select All - Selects all

- Load Favorites -  Loads VFL-file (Viewer Favorites List -file)

- Save Favorites - Saves VFL-file

- Slide Show - The Slide Show program is launched and displays all listed Favorites as a Custom Show

- Editor - The Editor program is launched and opens all selected images

- Multi Screen Viewer - The Multi Screen Viewer program is launched and opens all listed Favorites images

- Close - Closes Favorites window