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  • File menu:

- New -> Folder - Creates new folder

- Set Wallpaper - Set wallpaper Tiled, Centered or Stretched

- Image Info - Displays image info

- Multipage View - Displays Multipage View when there is more than one frame/page in image

- Open With - 1..9 opens image with external program

- Choose Programs displays External Programs Chooser (See External Programs Chooser)

- Properties - Shows properties for selected file(s), folder(s) etc.

- Exit - Closes the Viewer program

  • Edit menu:

- Cut - Selected file(s) or folder(s) are marked for cutting

- Copy - Selected file(s) or folder(s) are marked for copying

- Paste - Pasting file(s) or folder(s) in to selected folder

- Delete - Deletes file(s) or folder(s)

- Rename - Rename file or folder

- Select All - Selects all files & folders

- Select All Files - Selects only files

- Deselect All - Deselect's selected files & folders

- Invert Selection - Inverts selection



  • Tools menu:

- Map Network Drive - Displays Map Network Drive window

- Disconnect Network Drive - Displays Disconnect Network Drive window

- Add - Adds selected files in to Favorites

- Favorites - Displays Favorites window

- Set Image Info - EXIF and IPTC info can be set to multiple images based on certain rules

- Rating & Color Labels:

  - 1 - 5 Rating inserts rating to EXIF XP Rating

  - Color Labels (Later,Todo,Personal,Work, Important) inserts value to EXIF User Comment

  - Unrated and Uncolored removes EXIF values

  - Show Rating & Color Labels shows/hides Rating & Color Labels

- Rename Selected - Renames Selected files based on certain rules

- Compare Images - Displays Compare window and loads two selected images in to Compare window. This button is enabled only when two image files are selected

- Generate File Listing - Generates file listing based on currently selected folder+header setting

- Generate Image Info to CSV - Generates table of EXIF data from selected images as a Tab separated file

- Video -> Play - Starts playing selected video in Video Player window

- Slide Show - Starts Slide Show program with selected folder

- Editor - Opens selected image(s) in to Editor

- Search - Starts Search program with selected folder

- Multi Screen Viewer - Listing selected image(s) in to Multi Screen Viewer

- Profile Switcher - Starts Profile Switcher program and closes Viewer program

- Options - Displays options window



  • View menu:

- Open Windows Explorer Here - Opens Windows Explorer to current selected folder

- Expanded View - Expands Preview or Thumbview

- Change View - Changes view to Icon, Small Icon, List, Report or Thumbnails

- Sort Ascending - Sorts Ascending by Name, Size or Date

- Sort Descending - Sorts Descending by Name, Size or Date

- Toolbars -> Show Filter - Shows / Hides Filter Toolbar


  • Help menu:

- Check for Updates.. - Checks available updates

- Viewer Help - Displays this HTML help

- About - Opens window showing information about the program



Note: Filter must be started with * or . No mixing combinations are allowed ex. *.jpg|.psd




- Drops menu where Shell Toolbar buttons can be removed

- Remove All Buttons from Shell Toolbar - Removes all buttons at once





- Note: You cannot save rotated images





Right click in Preview image to display this pop-up:



- How many files are selected and total amount of size

- Total Objects: xxx (xxx,xxx KB) shows total amount of files and space taken in KB,MB,GB etc, Note: this calculates all files not only image files

- Loaded in: time that takes entire image to show up in preview

- Fourth and Third panel displays selected file name, resolution, current size/scale, current zoom factor (Preview only) and (*) when files is added in to favorites


- Note: maximum is 20 shortcuts