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  • File menu:
  • Open With - 1..9 opens image with external program
  • Choose Programs displays External Programs Chooser (See External Programs Chooser)

- Exit - Closes the Search program


  • Tools menu:

- Slide Show - Starts Slide Show program and displays all selected images as a Custom Show

- Editor - Opens selected image(s) in to Editor

- Multi Screen Viewer - Listing selected image(s) in to Multi Screen Viewer

- Profile Switcher - Starts Profile Switcher program and closes Search program

- Options:

  - Use Color Management System (CMS) - When enabled, image is rendered with original colors


  • Help menu:

- Check for Updates.. - Checks available updates

- Viewer Help - Displays this HTML help

- About - Opens window showing information about the program



  • Filename - Specifies the target filename masks, separated by semicolons. Search will find all filenames matching the masks. Wildcard * may be used to represent any group of characters ex. *.jpg;*.gif
  • Location - Specifies drives or folders where the search is to be conducted, separated by semicolons
  • Plus - Adds Filename/Location in to list
  • Minus -  Removes Filename/Location from the list
  • Include Subfolders - When checked all subfolders of the specified Locations are also searched
  • Include Images Only - When checked all known image types are only included
  • Enable Filters - This will show filters box where filters can be entered such as. *.jpg (exludes all jpg files), F:\Test images\*\*.jpg (exludes all jpg files from second level subfolders), ?*\a*.jpg (exludes all a* files ex. atom.jpg file is exluded).
  • Browse - Browse for new Locations for the Search. Note that Browse will replace the existing contents of Location. To enter multiple locations insert ; after current location and browse next location


  • Created,Modified,From Date,From Time,To Date & To Time - Filter results by date and time criteria
  • Size At Least,At Most - Filter results by file size criteria. Note. Set both At Least and At Most to zero to search for files of any size
  • Attributes(Archive, Readonly, Hidden, Normal, Compressed, Encrypted, Offline, Virtual, Reparse Point, Sparse File, Not Content Indexed) - Filter results by file attributes criteria as follows; checkbox ticked (black), attribute must be set;  checkbox blank, attribute must be unset; checkbox ticked (gray), attribute may be either set or unset


  • Filter by Rules:

- First field - Specifies EXIF or IPTC parameter ex. ISO Speed Ratings

- Second field - Specifies rule operator, Contains, not Containing, is, Starts with, Ends with, >= or <=

Note. Contains, Starts with and Ends with are non-case sensitive, Is requires an exact match, >= and <= are valid only for numerical values

- Third field - Specifies rule value

  • Add Rule - Adds a new rule

- Note. maximum is 6 rules. For file to be found all rules must be True

  • Remove Rule - Removes last rule added
  • Match:

- If all rules are met - And rule for filter

- If any rules are met - Or rule for filter


  • Find - Clears all results and starts a new search process
  • Stop - Stops the search process and displays results found so far
  • Reset - Resets any values in active tab


  • Select :

   - All - Selects all files found by the Search

   - All Images - Selects all images found by the Search

  - Deselect All - Deselect's selected files

  - Invert - Inverts selection

  • Save Favorites - Saves a list of all selected image files as a VFL-file
  • Slide Show - Slide Show program is launched and displays all selected image files in a Custom show
  • Editor - Editor program is launched and opens the selected image file(s)


  • Search Result - Displays details of all files found by search
  • Preview - A selected image file is displayed in preview


  • Open Windows Explorer Here - Opens Windows Explorer to current selected image location
  • Copy To - Copies all selected files. Copy To opens a Browse window to select the folder to copy files to
  • Move To - Moves all selected files. Move To opens a Browse window to select the folder to move files to
  • Select All - Selects all files found by the Search
  • Select All Images - Selects all images found by the Search
  • Deselect All - Deselect's selected files
  • Invert - Inverts selection


  • Status Bar displays following information:

- How many folders have been searched

- How many file(s) have been found

- How long search has run