Multi Screen Viewer - Main


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  • File menu:

- Load Favorites - Loads VFL-file (Viewer Favorites List -file)

- Save Favorites - Saves VFL-file

  • Open With - 1..9 opens image with external program
  • Choose Programs displays External Programs Chooser (See External Programs Chooser)

- Exit - Closes the Multi Screen Viewer program


  • Tools menu:

- Editor - Opens selected image(s) in to Editor

- Search - Starts Search program

- Profile Switcher - Starts Profile Switcher program and closes Search program

- Options:

  - Use Color Management System (CMS) - When enabled, image is rendered with original colors


  • Help menu:

- Check for Updates.. - Checks available updates

- Viewer Help - Displays this HTML help

- About - Opens window showing information about the program







Go To:

- Full Screen - Puts Image Windows to Full Screen in to where they are currently located

- Normal View - Puts Image Windows to Normal View in to where they are currently located

- Saved Positions - Restores Image Windows positions from ini file

- 1st Monitor - In case Image Windows are lost this will put all Image Windows back to 1st monitor

Browse All - Shows/Hides custom thumbnail display of a selection of favorites

Reload - Reloads custom thumbnail display with latest selection

Select All - Selects all